Snowy Owl Winter 


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11/21/2013 on the Parker River National Wildlife Refuge (3 owl day)

Owl #1 - taking advantage of cover on the beach

Owl #2 checking me out


11/30/2013 on the Parker River National Wildlife Refuge (6 owl day)

Only one in photo range, sailing over the dunes


12/08/2013 - Parker River National Wildlife Refuge (12 owls today)

skulking atop the primary dune between lots 1 and 2

hiding in the beach heather

Salisbury Beach State Reservation

hanging out at the jetty


12/17/2013 - One Snowy Owl at the Plum Island Airfield

Pretty close to the road

This bird allowed a close approach

a very close approach - clearly this bird was injured

blood stains on the snow suggested a gastrointestinal bleed - likely due to ingestion of a rodent killed by rat poison

I managed to capture this bird and take it to a clinic,

(photo by Kate Banyas) but it did not survive.


12/20/2013 - Parker River NWR - early morning between lots 1 and 2

another skulker on the primary dune, photographed from the beach


12/26/2013 - Wednesday Morning Birding on Thursday (5 owls)

just a lump of snow on the marsh at Salisbury Beach SR?

ah, but a lump with eyes....

While at Salisbury, we saw a Snowy on the roof of a building on the north end of Plum Island.

After WMB we drove over to see if it was still there.

it was,

and appeared bored with the fuss (or with us).


12/30/2013 - Six Owls (4 on Plum Island, 2 at Salsbury Beach)

out in the salt marsh by parking lot #3 on the Parker River N

North end of Plum Island

On the pink house along the Plum Island Turnpike


1/4/2014: Salisbury Beach State Reservation in the New Year (4 Snowy Owls)

Out in the salt marsh at high tide

taking flight


but deadly

landed right next to the road

Here's lookin' at you, kid.


1/20/2014 - Parker River NWR and Salisbury Beach SR (8 Snowy Owls)

On the dike at Hellcat

Along the entry road to Salisbury Beach State Reservation

Another owl along the entrance road

another spot along the road

Yet another Snowy in the residential area of Salisbury Beach


2/1/2014 Salisbury Beach State Reservation again

This Snowy, and the other two within sight, were yelling back and forth - very cool

take off

I posted some videos on YouTube:

1  2  3


2/2/2014 New Hampshire coast with David Donsker and Diego Calderon

Atop the pink house in Rye

Okay, I'm cheating (this bird was in Salisbury Beach SR in Mass. in the rain)


2/9/2014 New Hampshire coast again with Susan (better weather)

this time it was on the blue house, two doors down from the pink house in Rye

this owl was on a roof in Seabrook

cooperative bird

giving me that "I can take you anytime" look


2/11/2014 Salisbury Beach State Reservation again


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