Joppa Flats does Trinidad
July 2007
An assortment of photos of birds, reptiles, flowers, etc.:

Angel's Trumpet at AWNC

Bare-eyed Thrush at Asa Wright Nature Centre (AWNC)

Barred Antshrikes (female and male) at AWNC

Bearded Bellbird at AWNC
(to download a short 13 MB, low-res QuickTime movie
of the bellbird in action, click here)

Blue-crowned Motmot at AWNC

Blue-gray Tanager at AWNC

Bromeliad flower at AWNC

Carib Grackle at Aripo Ag. Station

Channel-billed Toucan in Arima Valley

Cocoa Thrush at AWNC

Common Piping-Guans - Arima Valley

Common Potoo (left: nestling at AWNC; right: adult with chick in Caroni Swamp)

Copper-rumped Hummingbird at AWNC

Fer-de-lance at AWNC

Fork-tailed Flycatcher at Aripo Ag. Station

Garden lizards (male on the left and female on the right) at AWNC

Golden-headed Manakin at AWNC

Golden-olive Woodpecker at AWNC

Heliconia at AWNC

Land crab at AWNC

Large-billed Tern at Trincity WW Treatment Plant

Lineated Woodpecker nestling in Arima Valley

Moriche Oriole at Waller Field

Oilbirds (in a flashlight beam) at AWNC

Orchid at AWNC

Oropendola nests at AWNC

Pied Water-tyrant at Aripo Ag. Station

Pink-toed Tarantula at AWNC

Powder Puff at AWNC

Red-bellied Macaws on Moriche Palm at Waller Field

Red-capped Cardinal in Caroni Swamp

Red-legged Honeycreeper at AWNC

Purple Honeycreeper at AWNC

Rufous-breasted Wren at AWNC

Rufous-tailed Jacamar on Blanchessuise Road

Scarlet Ibis in Caroni Swamp

Silver-beaked Tanager at AWNC

Smooth-billed Ani at Aripo Ag. Station

Southern Lapwing with chick at Aripo Ag. Station

Speckled Caiman in Nariva Swamp

Striated Heron at Trincity WWTP

Sulphury Flycatcher at Waller Field

Swallow Tanagers at AWNC

Torch Ginger at AWNC

Tufted Coquette male at AWNC

Turquoise Tanager at AWNC

Violaceous Euphonia at AWNC

Violaceous Trogon at AWNC

Wattled Jacana at Nariva Swamp

White-bearded Manakin at AWNC

White-flanked Antwren at AWNC

White Hawk along Blanchissuese Road

White-headed Marsh-tyrant (pair) at Aripo Ag. Station

Yellow-chinned Spinetail at Aripo Ag. Station

Yellow-hooded Blackbird at Aripo Ag. Station

Yellow Oriole and nest at AWNC

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