Birding the Atlantic Rainforest in Brazil
July 2008

Volunteers and leaders from the Joppa Flats Education Center (Mass Audubon) visited the Mata Atlantica
on our annual July volunteer trip. We had a fabulous time.

We stayed at the Guapi Assu Bird Lodge in the Reserva Ecologica de Guapi Assu (REGUA) preserve.
Other birding locations included high elevations near Nova Friburgo and the dry forests
and pasturelands near Sumidouro, all in Rio de Janiero State.

BIRD PHOTOS (taxonomic order):

Rusty-margined Guan

Red-billed Curassows

White-faced Whistling-Ducks

Muscovy and Masked Ducks

Brazilian Teal

Capped Heron

Whistling Heron

Southern Caracara

Juvenile Southern Caracara

Aplomado Falcon

Red-legged Seriema

Purple Gallinule

Southern Lapwing

Southern Lapwing and Wattled Jacanas

Wattled Jacana chick

Ruddy Ground-Dove

Maroon-bellied Parakeet

Maroon-bellied and Plain parakeets

Orange-winged Parrot

Squirrel Cuckoo

Guira Cuckoo

Striped Cuckoo

Tropical Screech-Owl

Ferruginous Pygmy-Owl

Burrowing Owl

Scale-throated Hermit (left) and White-throated Hummingbird

White-throated Hummingbirds

Frilled Coquette


Violet-capped Woodnymph

Brazilian Ruby

Versicolored Emerald

Green Kingfisher

Rufous-capped Motmot

Spot-billed Toucanet

Saffron Toucanet

Channel-billed Toucan

Campo Flicker

Rufous-tailed Jacamar

Three-toed Jacamar

Crescent-chested Puffbird

Pin-tailed Manakin

Blue Manakin

Striped Manakin


Bare-throated Bellbird (I've posted a video clip of a juvenile bellbird vocalizing on YouTube)

Black-and-gold Cotinga

Gray Monjita

Masked Water-Tyrant

Streamer-tailed Tyrant

Cattle Tyrant

Boat-billed Flycatcher

Rufous-fronted Thornbirds

(Southern) House Wren

Black-capped Donacobius

Chalk-browed Mockingbirds

Yellowish Pipit

Double-collared Seedeater

Black-goggled Tanager

Flame-crested Tanager

Brazilian Tanager

Sayaca Tanager

Azure-shouldered Tanagers

Golden-chevroned and Azure-shouldered tanagers

Diademed Tanager

Turquoise Tanager

Green-headed Tanager

Blue-naped Chlorophonias and Violaceous Euphonia

Blue-naped Chlorophonia


nectivorous bats

Young Capybaras

Orange-spined Hairy Dwarf Porcupine

Brown-throated Three-toed Sloth (link to YouTube video)

Tufted-eared Marmoset

Other taxa

"88" butterfly

blue and black butterfly

colonial bees

Broad-snouted Caiman

Horned Frog


Passion Flower


near Pico Caledonia

View from Pico Caledonia

Pico da Caledonia

Bamboo grove

Birding the REGUA wetlands

Wetlands looking toward the lodge

View from lodge

Finger of God

Fruit market (with feeders)

view from the top of the red trail at REGUA

What's on the feeders?

checklist time

Jerry Bertrand at checklist time

Planning and resting

Ready to go

Relaxing at Maria's

Guides Leonardo and Adilai

it was a long walk....

waterfall on the green trail


lodge logo

REGUA logo

(above photo courtesy of S. Goon)

birding groups and guides

Hosts Nicolas and Raquel

Rio de Janiero

Visiting the Botanical Garden in Rio


Botanical Garden

Dr. Weaver attracts a crowd

Dining in meatland (churrascaria)

checking photos

dueling cameras

obligatory photo of Sugarloaf

obligatory photo of statue

From 7/13-26/2008 (two trips with identical itineraries), we tallied 292 species of birds, 6 species of mammals, and a lot of fun.

Bird and Mammal Checklist