Yosemite, Point Reyes, and the Farallons
A California Adventure
July 3-10, 2006

View from the plane
  Mono Lake Yosemite Valley        
From San Jose east
  Lick Observatory View from Lick Wrentit Burrowing Owl Yellow-billed Magpies  
Mono Lake Area
  Western Grebe Western Scrub-Jay Tufa Tower Brewer's Blackbird Black-billed Magpie  
  Near Bodie Pronghorn Antelope Mountain Bluebird Ground Squirrel Black-headed Grosbeak Greater Sage-Grouse
  Red-breasted Sapsucker Cliff Swallow nests        
Yosemite National Park
  Half Dome Harlequin Duck Bridalveil Falls
   Bridalveil Falls Tioga Pass July Snow
  Rosyfinch nest - fecal sacks Pine grove birding Pine Siskin Oregon Junco American Dipper American Dipper
  White-headed Woodpecker Blue Grouse Lazuli Bunting Mule Deer Flowers Pygmy Nuthatch
  Lawrence's Goldfinch Evening Grosbeak  Evening Grosbeak Giant Sequoia  Giant Sequoias  
Ano Nuevo State Park
  California Gulls and Brown Pelicans Elephant Seals Elephant Seals Elephant Seals Heermann's Gull Savannah Sparrow
 San Francisco Area
  Golden Gate Bridge Bobcat California and Heermann's gulls Presidio parrot Allen's Hummingbird California Towhee
  Anna's Hummingbird          
Point Reyes National Seashore area
  Fog over Pt. Reyes Peregrine Falcon Great Horned Owl Band-tailed Pigeons Acorn Woodpecker workings Cliff Swallow in nest
  Long-billed Curlew Nuttall's Woodpecker        
Farallon National Wildlife Refuge Trip
  Under the Golden Gate Bridge Common Murres Farallon scene Farallon scene Farallon scene Farallon sign
  lots of murres Pigeon Guillemot Cassin's Auklet Brown Pelican    
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