Local Photos from 4/9/2006

We visited the Brookside Sanctuary (NH Audubon) in
South Hampton to check out the heronry:

and the Osprey

and the Great Horned Owl.

As we were watching the 13 occupied Great Blue Heron nests,
the 30-40 Tree Swallows, and assorted other birds, a pair of
Eastern Bluebirds were checking out potential nest sites.

Later we visited the Crystal Gorge Conservation Area in Haverhill,
our first visit to this preserve. We were walking along a trail and
came upon a trail marker -

sure, porcupine trail....
(seems like the person with the shotgun must have felt the same way).

But, wouldn't you know it, the sign was right.

Makes you reconsider what you think about Haverhill, doesn't it?

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