Franklin's Gull
Sandy Point State Reservation

Wayne Petersen spotted this adult, alternate-plumaged Franklin's Gull while he and I were
leading a field exercise for the Joppa Flats Education Center's Birder's Certificate Program.
Fortunately, Dana Duxbury-Fox was there with a camera. These are her images:

Franklin's Gull (c) Dana Duxbury-Fox
The adult Franklin's Gull standing behind a first summer Laughing Gull.
Note Franklin's small bill, broad white eye arcs, pink blush to underparts, Great comparison.

Franklin's Gull (c) Dana Duxbury-Fox
Franklin's Gull taking off
Note the light underwings, broad white trailing edge, white band-black-white primary tips

Franklin's Gull (c) Dana Duxbury-Fox
Detail of wingtips of Franklin's gull (behind Ring-billed Gull)

And here are a couple of photos I took through my scope using my cell phone.

FRGU (c) David Larson
FRGU (c) David Larson

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