Bosque del Apache and the
Rio Grande Corridor
January 4-10, 2007

A Mass Audubon trip from the Joppa Flats Education Center,
led by Bill Gette, David Larson, and David Weaver

El Paso area  American White Pelicans  Say's Phoebe  Great-tailed Grackle  White-winged Dove  Yellow-bellied Sapsucker
 Brewer's Blackbird  Yellow-headed Blackbird  Yellow-headed Blackbirds  Great Egret  Ladder-backed Woodpecker
 Lilac-crowned Parrot  Burrowing Owls  Black-necked Stilt and Killdeer  Long-billed Dowitchers  Black-throated Sparrow
 Rock Wren  Loggerhead Shrike  Wilson's Snipe    
Organ Mountains  Cactus Wrens  Cactus Wren  Organ Mountains  Black-throated Sparrow  Crissal Thrasher
State Parks along the Rio Grande  Phainopepla  Phainopepla  Vermilion Flycatcher  Great Horned Owl  Great Horned Owl
 Clark's Grebe        
Bosque del Apache NWR  Sandhill Cranes with Ross's Goose  Sndhill Cranes with dabbling ducks  Cranes and white geese  Greater and Lesser Sandhill Cranes  Snow and Ross's geese
 Cinnamon Teal and Northern Shoveler  Sandhill Crane family      
Magdelena Mountains  Acorn Woodpeckers  Great Horned Owl  cliff roost of GHOW    
Sandia Crest  Stellar's Jay  Townsend's Solitaire  Mountain Chickadee  Red-breasted Nuthatch  Albuquerque from Sandia Crest
 Stellar's Jay  Black Rosy-Finch  Gray-crowned Rosy-finch  Gray-crowned Rosy-finch  Rosy-finches
 Townsend's Solitaire        

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