Photos from an April Vacation in Belize
Hamanasi Adventure and Dive Resort in Hopkins, Stann Creek District, Belize

beach sign


our tree house


dining al fresco

house geckos


Snorkeling trip to South Water Caye

Brown Pelican on palm

Brown Pelican

Magnificent Frigatebirds at nesting colony

Brown Boobies too

Red-finned Needlefish

Critters around Hamanasi

Black-cowled Oriole

Black Vulture

Common Ground-Dove

Great Kiskadee

Great-tailed Grackles

Little Blue Heron


Magnificent Frigatebirds overhead

Olive-throated Parakeet

Pale-vented Pigeons

Plain Chachalaca

Tropical Kingbirds

Tropical Mockingbird

White-collared Seedeater


Black ant nests along the Sittee River

Black-headed Trogon

Slaty-tailed Trogon

Violaceous Trogon

Common Black-Hawk

Laughing Falcon

Plumbeous Kite

Roadside Hawk

Roadside Hawk on nest

Common Tody-flycatcher

Eastern Meadowlark

Golden-fronted Woodpecker

Green Iguana (female)

Green Iguana (male)

Groove-billed Ani

Masked Tityra

Passarini's Tanager

Grayish Saltator

Squirrel Cuckoo

Yellow-bellied Elaenia

Crested Guan at Cockscomb Jaguar Preserve

Dot-winged Antwren at Cockscomb

Jaguar track at Cockscomb

Basilisk Lizard

Waterfall and bathing pool at Cockscomb

Leaf-cutter ants at Cockscomb

Pale-billed Woodpecker at Mayflower Bocawina National Park

Spotted Woodcreeper at Mayflower

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