Belize (La Milpa Field Station to Punta Gorda)
May 2009


aplomado falcons
A pair of Aplomado Falcons in Hopkins

band-backed wren
A Band-backed Wren in San Ignacio

black-faced grosbeak
A Black-faced Grosbeak at Cockscomb Basin

black-headed trogon
A Black-headed Trogon in Punta Gorda

boat-billed flycatcher
A Boat-billed Flycatcher in Punta Gorda

Deppe's squirrel
A Deppe's Squirrel eating cohune nuts in Cockscomb

mexican parrot snake
A Mexican Parrot Snake at La Milpa

plain xenops
A Plain Xenops at Cockscomb

red-legged honeycreeper - male
A Red-legged Honeycreeper at La Milpa

royal flycatcher
A Royal Flycatcher building a nest at La Milpa

vermillion flycatcher - male
A Vermillion Flycatcher near San Ignacio

white ibis juv
A juvenile White Ibis at La Milpa

wood stork
Primary molt in a Wood Stork along the Western Highway

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