Searching for Warblers in New Jersey and New York,

May 29-31, 2015


MaryMargaret Halsey and I co-led a trip to New Jersey and New York at the end of May, 2015, focusing on warblers that are uncommon in Massachusetts. We got all of our target warblers and lots of other good birds.

We birded at (A) Bear Swamp/Red Lion/Hawkins Road for Prothonotary Warblers and swamp birds, (B) Assunpink WMA for Yellow-breasted Chat and grassland birds, (C) Ted Stiles Preserve, Baldpate Mountain, for Worm-eating Warblers and forest birds, (D) Sterling Forest for Golden-winged and Blue-winged warblers, and (E) Doodletown for Cerulean, Kentucky, and Worm-eating warblers. We had Hooded Warblers at several locations. We ended up with 19 species of warblers.

Our trip report and triplist are available in pdf format.

I didn't get too many decent bird photos, but I got a few and some of other taxa:

Off Hawkins Road, we had

Eastern Ratsnake (maybe not so good for the birds...)

up close and personal

Fishing Spider

Golden-backed Snipe Fly

Prothonotary Warbler

Prairie Warbler

White-eyed Vireo.

At Assunpink WMA,

Indigo Bunting

Oblique-lined Tiger Beetle.

At Baldpate, we were entranced by the Tulip Poplars in bloom


Kathy and Bob

Birding at Baldpate (photo by Nancy Houlihan),

At Sterling Forest,

Six-spotted Tiger Beetle

Fiery Searcher

This Painted Turtle was attempting to lay eggs (photo by Deb Smith).

And at Doodletown

we had

Black-billed Cuckoo

Kentucky Warber and lots of other great stuff, in the rain.

At Doodletown, we met birders from Albany (photo by Deb Smith).

Doodletown is an abandoned hamlet (photo by Deb Smith).

And here we all are, back in Massachusetts (I was dropped in via Photoshop):

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