Gyrfalcon in Seabrook, NH


I had a day off after the Superbowl of Birding XII and I was working on some plumbing at home. I needed some parts, so I thought that during my excursion to a hardware store I could look for the Gyr that was seen in Hampton Harbor during the Superbowl.  Of course, by the time I got cleaned up and on the road it was cloudy and spitting a little snow. So I got to the fishing pier in Seabrook where there were 5 people standing around with bins and scopes. Gee, I should have been there at noon. Well, gee, I wasn't there at noon. They drifted off to check other vantage points while I stood around freezing. I decided I better get some lunch so I drove to a convenience store. By the time I got back, everyone was at the Seabrook resident beach lot, and there was the Gyr, on a power pole at the end of the lot. So we all got great looks at this bird, perched and during several flybys. The light was poor, the snow was blowing, it was cold, and we were all as happy as could be.

just lazing along in the snow

hanging around

Take off (I know this is a marginal shot, but I like the blurry takeoff - look at those toes and talons!)


snow streaks and speed

This bird was apparently totally unimpressed by mere humans, their cars, and their puny optics. But it sure put the fear of Death into the gulls and ducks in the harbor. Hope it hangs around all winter (though the Glaucous Gull that has been hanging around this parking lot was nowhere to be seen).

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